My earliest memory of school is…
Asking dad “can I go to big school yet?” and being very excited when he “yes,”
I learn best when/by…
I understand what is going on and how to do it, and when there is a simple constant method to getting good marks.
My worst trait is…
Being intolerant towards people who can’t understand me.
My best traits are…
My determination to get something done when I am motivated and my sense of humour.
I often wonder…
Why the universe exists, and then realising it doesn’t really matter.
The hardest thing I’ve ever done was…
Play three 60 minute games of soccer (one grade up) in 35 degree heat over two days.
The last possession I would give up is…
my life because nothing matters to me if i am dead, and because it is possible to give it up.
This term I am looking forward to…
Learning more life skills for when I finish school such as being able to navigate in areas I am unfamiliar with.
What image would you put on a postcard of Melbourne? Why?
The view off the Eureka Skydeck because it is an amazing picture and shows a lot of Melbourne.
Which Melbourne person would you most like to sit next to on the tram? Why?
One of my good friend so that I can have a nice conversation, or someone experienced in soccer so they could give me tips on how to succeed.
If you could invite any 3 people from history to dinner who would you invite? Why?
Three very good European chefs of history, so I can get them to cook me the most amazing European food ever.
Describe Melbourne in three words.
I feel under qualified to answer this questions properly


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Jane

    Thanks for sharing Lachy, I’m also glad to see that you edited your work before posting it. I like your choice of postcard, it is an amazing view of this great city from up there. I hope that this view will hold more meaning for you after Galileo as you will have had the opportunity to explore different parts of Melbourne. I admire your sporting ability, it’s very difficult playing one game in such heat, let alone 3!! Maybe you can ponder three words that describe Melbourne and add them to this page. Well done 🙂


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