Final reflection

How was this final week of classes?

Overall this week has been alright, in honesty not one of my most enjoyable weeks due to the student led conferences and the final exhibition which I have to organise and also because of an injury which made me miss Monday and Wednesday. I think missing those two days made the week feel very dis-jointed.

What thoughts or feelings are you having in response to the end of Galileo?

My time at Galileo was great and I think one term is the perfect length of time for it to go on for because as strange as it sounds I’m looking forward to joining back into mainstream. I’m currently thinking “I wish Galileo spread out its workload a bit more because a student led conference as well as final exhibition in the same week is a bit much”

Are you ready to return to mainstream?                 

Yes, I can’t wait to get back to mainstream, not because I didn’t enjoy Galileo, just because I find I really miss mainstream schooling; I’m not sure if it is the structure of the core subjects or something else, but when I tell my friends I’m looking forward to mainstream they normally look at me weirdly and say “why?”.

Are you ready to share your experiences in front of an audience next week?!

I think I’m ready to share my experience however that doesn’t mean that I am in any way, shape or form looking forward to it. I tend to dislike public speaking so I guess it’ll be a good chance for me it stand up to that fear and possibly even enjoy talking in front of a crowd.


One thought on “Final reflection

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    Thanks for your reflection. You did have a very disjointed week last week & it probably has added to your pressure in the final week. Just do your best and you will be fine.
    Interesting to hear that you are ready to move back into mainstream classes and I agree that one term is definitely enough time spent in Galileo. Also good to hear that you have enjoyed yourself.
    You have been a valuable member of this term’s group Lachy, thanks for your input and your engagement in the content. I wish you all the best at Uni High.
    jane 🙂


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