Options week critical question

“Most people who are against abortion believe the fetus is a life equal to any already born human being”

I agree with this statement because on our options trail most of our visits directly confirmed this and the rest did not broach the topic and because if you believe the fetus’ life is equal to an already born human it makes it extremely difficult, even impossible to justify abortion.

When we went to visit Right to Life on our options trail on the last Friday the woman we were speaking to there said “once the egg is fertilised it is unique and can’t be replicated” she believed it was a life and should under no circumstances be deliberately destroyed.

Secondly, if yo9u believe that a fetus’ life is equal to any humans it is extremely difficult to justify abortion, basically “is it ok to murder someone to save money I would have to spend bringing up the child?” “Can I murder someone because of their mental disability or physical hindrance?” all become serious questions to which anyone would answer “no.”

On our options trail we also went to visit Loane Skene; a medical ethicist who studies the ethics of abortion and does lectures at Melbourne University. When confronted with the question “what are some reasons against abortion and how valid do you think they are?” mentioned how people believe that the fetus’ life is equal to a human’s. Funnily enough this was the only argument against abortion that she mentioned which leads me to believe that it is really the only big big argument against abortion.

Some people believe that the fetus isn’t a life, but a potential human and don’t believe it should be destroyed either and think abortion should be illegal. The problem with this argument is when the mother’s life is at risk if she doesn’t perform an abortion, because it would seem a potential human life is worth more than an already human life; and if this is the case then abortion has to be legal to allow for this particular set of circumstances.


One thought on “Options week critical question

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    Your research is really interesting and you have chosen your questions well. Good use of evidence from your trails and maybe with the use of further research you could have made a stronger argument and a more detailed response.
    I’m glad that you are more informed for having done your team project.
    I look forward to your presentation on Tuesday.

    Coherence of argument: level 1 of 2
    Use of evidence: level 1 of 2
    Further Research: level 0 of 1
    Multiple Perspectives: level 1 of 2
    Critical Thinking: level 0 of 1
    Expression & language use: 1 level of 1



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