Options week reflection

What was the most unexpected [yet enjoyable] discovery or outcome for you and/or your group?

It was very interesting to find out that at the Right to Life place which we went to they would actually pay for the mothers needs for a child if they talked her over e.g. Giving her a place to stay if her family will evict her, taking her to and from the hospital if her family won’t take her and even paying for her birth if the doesn’t have Medicare.

What would you do differently if you were given the chance to repeat the experience?

I would be more careful on the location of the places we decide to visit because going all the way to East Brunswick used up a lot of our time.

Look back on your reflection about how you worked with your group during Mini Trail – did anything change?

Not much, I think the absence of harry the day before the trail made it difficult to plan the second half of the day but there isn’t much you can do about that. Otherwise the team worked well again for the options trail to gather lots of information on our topic.

Did you stay in the same role?

Not really but then again it isn’t really possible to keep the same role as the roles for the options trail were different to the mini-trail.

Did you step up or step back?

I think I contributed more to the organisation of this trail but I think that is because there was more organization to be done so it’s hard to say whether I stepped up or stepped back. I think everyone had to step up the night before with the absence of harry which makes it even harder to judge; though my gut instinct tells me I stepped up.


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