Week 8 reflection

How confident are you feeling about the future after this week?

Quite confident, I do not foresee any major wars that affect me or major wars in general. I think employment may be an issue for me in the future but I and confident that I will be able to find a job.

What steps do you think you’ll need to take in order to ensure that you achieve your goals [this future can include an extremely near future in the form of Options Trail!!!]?

I’m going to take this question as goals for myself and not just my learning goals. My major goal right now is to become a solid starting 11 player for my soccer team this year and to do this I will have to train hard and well including training by myself as well as with the team; I think it is achievable if I put the work in.

How was the week for you?

The week was very interesting to see different people’s views on the future and how they think the world should change or will change. A lot of views were very bleak others were very optimistic; all of them were eye opening

 Are you any closer to achieving some of your learning goals?

To be honest this week I haven’t done much work on my learning goals other than maybe persistence and determination outside of school with soccer, I think the teams will be fully split by the end of this week and training leading up to now has been very difficult

Include an image that sums up your week:


This is more of a quote but I think it is relevant because this week I was more focused on soccer than on school (oops)



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