Week 6 reflection

What were your standout experiences this week?

   A standout experience would have been the talk we listened to on the language trail about the so called Anglo-bubble we live in; the amount of things we miss out on is only increasing and I think it has definitely motivated me to get better at a foreign language.

Did you gain any new skills or insights into how the world functions & your place within it?

   As I said the talk on the Anglo-bubble and how being mono-lingual can cut us off from an ever-expanding amount of media and pop-culture, the other thing was also on the languages trail when the person we were listening to said that Australia and japan aren’t really allies on paper, but in practice we work together because of our mutual link to America.

How are you progressing with your learning goals?

   I am making good progress with a lot of my learning goals, but not so much on others, my patience and persistence I think have improved, my Melbourne streets have improved but not so much this week, however one goal that I haven’t been consciously working toward is Australian government and politics.

Where are things at with your Team Project?

   I’m currently not sure because I was camping Friday through to Sunday afternoon so I will have to catch up with the group this week.

Do you need to make any changes to how you are operating within your team?

   I’m not sure; I think right now we need to get a definite plan of where we are going for the options trail if my group has not done that already.


One thought on “Week 6 reflection

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    I’m glad you enjoyed the languages trail. It is very alarming how monolingual we are in Australia. It is so different if you are born in a European country.
    I’m glad your learning goals are developing well. Did you not learn more about Australian politics during justice week?
    jane 🙂


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