Week 6 critical question

“The subjects we learn in school provide the most effective tools with which to understand the world around us.” Do you agree or disagree?

   I disagree for a variety of reasons: schooling may help for employment but employment is not understanding, some things I learned talking to an anthropologist, the experiences of life vs. the experiences in school and some further research I have done.

   Firstly as I said school helps with getting the qualifications for a job and knowing what type of job you like or are good at. This alone is great, but it does nothing to help a students’ understanding of the world around us, knowing the Pythagoras’ theorem will not teach you how to talk a friend out of suicide or how to be a loving mother or father; very real situations you might find yourself in when you explore the world around us.

   While on my trail we went to talk to an anthropologist, at first I thought what is anthropology? And everyone in my trail group was thinking the same thing. Anthropology is in fact the study of understanding people in the world around us. Not knowing what this was just goes to show how little we learn about the world around us in school.

   Learning content from a textbook does not give us the experiences necessary to understand the world around us in fact the most valuable time for me in school in terms of experiences is lunchtime, learning how to deal with different people and what makes them do what they do. The only other place I really experience this is in the outside world or in extra-curricular activities.

   There is powerful quote from the book “The Power of Why” by Amanda Lang “Curious kids learn how to learn, and how to enjoy it – and that… is what they will need to have in the future. The world is changing so rapidly that by the time a student graduates from university, everything he or she learned may already be headed toward obsolescence. I think that is where I want to finish my argument.


http://plpnetwork.com/2013/11/07/obsession-academic-teaching-preparing-kids-life/ – 10/3/14

The Power of Why- Amanda Lang


One thought on “Week 6 critical question

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    A thoughtful response. You raise many interesting points about the preparedness you gain for life from your experience at school. The few scenarios you pose are all good examples of the types of skills that are important in life and that are not necessarily taught in school. I guess the basics like learning English & Maths do have a role to play in life. Can you think how?
    Great quote to finish off with.

    Coherence of argument: level 1 of 2
    Use of evidence: level 1 of 2
    Further Research: level 1 of 1
    Multiple Perspectives: level 1 of 2
    Critical Thinking: level 0 of 1
    Expression & language use: 1 level of 1

    jane 🙂


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