Camp reflection

Which personal qualities, skills or areas of knowledge did you have the opportunity to develop? Were they connected to your learning goals, or did you surprise yourself?

My outdoor skills, tolerance/patience and resilience and all were one of my learning goals except for resilience, they were the main things that I were expecting to improve so no, I’m not that surprised.

 Reflect on your highlights and any personal challenges that you overcame – what aspects of these experiences do you think you will carry into other areas of your life?

A highlight was the caving which was a really fun experience. And me being normally a quite organised person struggled often with the untidiness of my campsite, I think this may help me in future if I decide to share a room in conjunction with someone else where I’ll have to deal with mess that isn’t my own.

 How was your experience moving from your small hiking group back to the rest of the 9S3 & 9C3 students? Exciting? Overwhelming?

It was a bit overwhelming but I got used to it pretty quickly I think because I’m generally quite out-going, I think I would have struggled more if I was generally a shy person and didn’t particularly like being around lots of people.

 Has your view of the Yarra River & our relationship to it changed at all? In what ways?

I don’t think my view of the Yarra changed much, I knew that the Yarra starts off very clean then gets more polluted as it flows downstream. What did move me though was the view of the Yarra dam; it gave me an insight to just how finite out water source is.


One thought on “Camp reflection

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    Thanks for your camp feedback. I’d be interested to hear which outdoor skills specifically you developed. I could tell that you had had experience camping prior to our trip.
    I’m glad you were challenged during our time away, it is designed to challenge us all.


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