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Final reflection

How was this final week of classes?

Overall this week has been alright, in honesty not one of my most enjoyable weeks due to the student led conferences and the final exhibition which I have to organise and also because of an injury which made me miss Monday and Wednesday. I think missing those two days made the week feel very dis-jointed.

What thoughts or feelings are you having in response to the end of Galileo?

My time at Galileo was great and I think one term is the perfect length of time for it to go on for because as strange as it sounds I’m looking forward to joining back into mainstream. I’m currently thinking “I wish Galileo spread out its workload a bit more because a student led conference as well as final exhibition in the same week is a bit much”

Are you ready to return to mainstream?                 

Yes, I can’t wait to get back to mainstream, not because I didn’t enjoy Galileo, just because I find I really miss mainstream schooling; I’m not sure if it is the structure of the core subjects or something else, but when I tell my friends I’m looking forward to mainstream they normally look at me weirdly and say “why?”.

Are you ready to share your experiences in front of an audience next week?!

I think I’m ready to share my experience however that doesn’t mean that I am in any way, shape or form looking forward to it. I tend to dislike public speaking so I guess it’ll be a good chance for me it stand up to that fear and possibly even enjoy talking in front of a crowd.


Options week critical question

“Most people who are against abortion believe the fetus is a life equal to any already born human being”

I agree with this statement because on our options trail most of our visits directly confirmed this and the rest did not broach the topic and because if you believe the fetus’ life is equal to an already born human it makes it extremely difficult, even impossible to justify abortion.

When we went to visit Right to Life on our options trail on the last Friday the woman we were speaking to there said “once the egg is fertilised it is unique and can’t be replicated” she believed it was a life and should under no circumstances be deliberately destroyed.

Secondly, if yo9u believe that a fetus’ life is equal to any humans it is extremely difficult to justify abortion, basically “is it ok to murder someone to save money I would have to spend bringing up the child?” “Can I murder someone because of their mental disability or physical hindrance?” all become serious questions to which anyone would answer “no.”

On our options trail we also went to visit Loane Skene; a medical ethicist who studies the ethics of abortion and does lectures at Melbourne University. When confronted with the question “what are some reasons against abortion and how valid do you think they are?” mentioned how people believe that the fetus’ life is equal to a human’s. Funnily enough this was the only argument against abortion that she mentioned which leads me to believe that it is really the only big big argument against abortion.

Some people believe that the fetus isn’t a life, but a potential human and don’t believe it should be destroyed either and think abortion should be illegal. The problem with this argument is when the mother’s life is at risk if she doesn’t perform an abortion, because it would seem a potential human life is worth more than an already human life; and if this is the case then abortion has to be legal to allow for this particular set of circumstances.

Options week reflection

What was the most unexpected [yet enjoyable] discovery or outcome for you and/or your group?

It was very interesting to find out that at the Right to Life place which we went to they would actually pay for the mothers needs for a child if they talked her over e.g. Giving her a place to stay if her family will evict her, taking her to and from the hospital if her family won’t take her and even paying for her birth if the doesn’t have Medicare.

What would you do differently if you were given the chance to repeat the experience?

I would be more careful on the location of the places we decide to visit because going all the way to East Brunswick used up a lot of our time.

Look back on your reflection about how you worked with your group during Mini Trail – did anything change?

Not much, I think the absence of harry the day before the trail made it difficult to plan the second half of the day but there isn’t much you can do about that. Otherwise the team worked well again for the options trail to gather lots of information on our topic.

Did you stay in the same role?

Not really but then again it isn’t really possible to keep the same role as the roles for the options trail were different to the mini-trail.

Did you step up or step back?

I think I contributed more to the organisation of this trail but I think that is because there was more organization to be done so it’s hard to say whether I stepped up or stepped back. I think everyone had to step up the night before with the absence of harry which makes it even harder to judge; though my gut instinct tells me I stepped up.

Week 7 critical question

“The people of Melbourne can feel confident about what the future holds”

  I agree that the people of Melbourne can feel confident about what the near future (3 years from now) holds because we have a good, stable political system which doesn’t look like it will change, our relationships with other countries are stable and because employment keeps evolving which means there will always be jobs for the people of Melbourne.

   Firstly, all of Australia’s relationships with other countries are stable which ensures good import and export so if Australia stops producing something it can still be imported and the reverse; if Australia produces a surplus of a certain product we can export it to other countries and boost our economy with the money received. Also it ensures that in the unlikely chance of an invasion we have other countries military mainly America to help defend us.

   Unlike some countries Australia has a very stable and fair political system which is good for the future in just about every way, it generally prevents internal war and having a good government which passes the right laws can improve employment, homelessness, corruption, the environment, public facilities and anything else run by the government.

   Many people believe employment will be a big problem in the future however the fact of the matter is that employment keeps evolving; just because jobs are getting slashed on big companies doesn’t mean jobs aren’t being created elsewhere. Jobs are essential for a certain future full of prosperity and stability, and I believe that there will still be sufficient jobs in the future to keep our economy ticking over nicely.

Week 8 reflection

How confident are you feeling about the future after this week?

Quite confident, I do not foresee any major wars that affect me or major wars in general. I think employment may be an issue for me in the future but I and confident that I will be able to find a job.

What steps do you think you’ll need to take in order to ensure that you achieve your goals [this future can include an extremely near future in the form of Options Trail!!!]?

I’m going to take this question as goals for myself and not just my learning goals. My major goal right now is to become a solid starting 11 player for my soccer team this year and to do this I will have to train hard and well including training by myself as well as with the team; I think it is achievable if I put the work in.

How was the week for you?

The week was very interesting to see different people’s views on the future and how they think the world should change or will change. A lot of views were very bleak others were very optimistic; all of them were eye opening

 Are you any closer to achieving some of your learning goals?

To be honest this week I haven’t done much work on my learning goals other than maybe persistence and determination outside of school with soccer, I think the teams will be fully split by the end of this week and training leading up to now has been very difficult

Include an image that sums up your week:


This is more of a quote but I think it is relevant because this week I was more focused on soccer than on school (oops)


Week 6 critical question

“The subjects we learn in school provide the most effective tools with which to understand the world around us.” Do you agree or disagree?

   I disagree for a variety of reasons: schooling may help for employment but employment is not understanding, some things I learned talking to an anthropologist, the experiences of life vs. the experiences in school and some further research I have done.

   Firstly as I said school helps with getting the qualifications for a job and knowing what type of job you like or are good at. This alone is great, but it does nothing to help a students’ understanding of the world around us, knowing the Pythagoras’ theorem will not teach you how to talk a friend out of suicide or how to be a loving mother or father; very real situations you might find yourself in when you explore the world around us.

   While on my trail we went to talk to an anthropologist, at first I thought what is anthropology? And everyone in my trail group was thinking the same thing. Anthropology is in fact the study of understanding people in the world around us. Not knowing what this was just goes to show how little we learn about the world around us in school.

   Learning content from a textbook does not give us the experiences necessary to understand the world around us in fact the most valuable time for me in school in terms of experiences is lunchtime, learning how to deal with different people and what makes them do what they do. The only other place I really experience this is in the outside world or in extra-curricular activities.

   There is powerful quote from the book “The Power of Why” by Amanda Lang “Curious kids learn how to learn, and how to enjoy it – and that… is what they will need to have in the future. The world is changing so rapidly that by the time a student graduates from university, everything he or she learned may already be headed toward obsolescence. I think that is where I want to finish my argument.

                                                                                       Bibliography:            – 10/3/14

The Power of Why- Amanda Lang

Week 6 reflection

What were your standout experiences this week?

   A standout experience would have been the talk we listened to on the language trail about the so called Anglo-bubble we live in; the amount of things we miss out on is only increasing and I think it has definitely motivated me to get better at a foreign language.

Did you gain any new skills or insights into how the world functions & your place within it?

   As I said the talk on the Anglo-bubble and how being mono-lingual can cut us off from an ever-expanding amount of media and pop-culture, the other thing was also on the languages trail when the person we were listening to said that Australia and japan aren’t really allies on paper, but in practice we work together because of our mutual link to America.

How are you progressing with your learning goals?

   I am making good progress with a lot of my learning goals, but not so much on others, my patience and persistence I think have improved, my Melbourne streets have improved but not so much this week, however one goal that I haven’t been consciously working toward is Australian government and politics.

Where are things at with your Team Project?

   I’m currently not sure because I was camping Friday through to Sunday afternoon so I will have to catch up with the group this week.

Do you need to make any changes to how you are operating within your team?

   I’m not sure; I think right now we need to get a definite plan of where we are going for the options trail if my group has not done that already.