Week 4 reflection:

It was justice week! What was your high point? Or low point?

A high point was going on the asylum seeker trail to the ASRC and being able to ask questions that I have wanted to know the answer to for a long time and getting reliable answers (not to mention chapman winning the swimming carnival). A low point is how stressed I am getting about this weekend. I have a lot of things going on outside of school, when piled with shopping for camp, packing for camp and homework it is a considerable burden to carry, especially for someone like me who likes to have things organised with time to spare.

Take the human rights temperature of UHS – follow this link & then share the result you came up with. How well does UHS look after the rights of students & staff?

I got a result of 86, I think university high takes good care of their staff and students.

What could the school do better?         

I think that members of university high school need to encourage each other to organize and take action to address societal and global problems more. Otherwise I think university high does very well on human rights.


One thought on “Week 4 reflection:

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    Thanks for your reflection on justice week, its sounds like to visit to ASRC was amazing. I’m so glad you were able to have some of your questions answered.
    I’m sorry that you are feeling a tad overwhelmed with things outside of school. I hope that having the critical question due in next week eases that aspect of your homework.
    The swimming carnival was a good day & outcome for Chapman house.
    Also a fine score in the Uni High Human Rights assessment. I agree I think there are areas of the school where more could be done especially on an environmental level.
    Let’s see if we can tackle some of these in the coming weeks.
    jane 🙂


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