Week 3 reflection

Your first experience of community service – how was it for you?

It was good once it got started; I think there was a communication issue between the Galileo team and the ozco opportunity store because we arrived at 8:45 and no-one actually showed up until about 9:10.

What was a highlight or a low light?

It was quite good for me, I often find sorting things out relaxing and that’s what I did there until we left. A low light would have been waiting for the shop carer to show up because that was quite boring. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because we still got the same experience.

Do you think you’ll be able to progress with any learning goals via your placement?

I think the main goal I can work towards with my placement at the ozco opportunity store is my independence, the ability to get there and back by myself will be good to practice my judgment of how early to leave to go places so that I may get there on time.

 Your first fully self-directed research trail – do you think that your mini-trail was a success?

Yes, we did have some printing issues so we didn’t have as many survey sheets as we would have liked; but I still think it was overall a success by gathering data about the public’s opinions.

 What was the most unexpected discovery?

I was surprised how evenly split the public’s view on abortion was. I thought that opinions would swing favourable to either pro-life or pro-choice; however they were split very evenly, perhaps with a slight swing to legalised abortion.

How did your team operate?

We operated well and finished our trail in the time allowed despite printing difficulties. We had no conflicts and gathered our information well.

Did the experience make you feel confident about putting together your Options Trail at the end of the term?

I think it certainly allowed me to be more comfortable going up to strangers and asking them for things like surveys and it also gives a good idea of how much we can get done is whatever time we are given.


One thought on “Week 3 reflection

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    I apologise for the Ozco time mix-up. Danny who usually supervises you was overseas and he had asked another staff member to be there early to meet you guys and they must have forgotten. They don’t usually open til 10am but for our community services needs they are willing to come in early. Danny will be back this week so I am confident that he will be there to meet up on time.
    I’m glad your mini trail was a success, did you achieve as much as you could of in the given time? Would you do things differently next time? I think with a topic like Abortion the more survey results you can get the greater informed you will be and I think you will get a variety of responses. It is important not to judge the larger population on a small sample of respondents.
    see you tomorrow
    jane 🙂


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