Week 2 reflection

Were there any experiences that provided a ‘light bulb moment’ for you in terms of how you operate in a team?

   Not particularly, I feel I’m getting better at working in teams gradually, not so much having a “light bulb moment” where everything becomes clear and I suddenly know how to work with my group perfectly.

 What role do you find yourself taking most often?

   On the Hoddle Waddle trail I was the map reader, and on my trail to Brunswick I fell into the position of un-official map reader along-side Aidan because we both lived in the area so you could say I took the role of map reader the most. I think this is good to increase my navigating ability and the Hoddle Waddle added to my knowledge of Melbourne streets.

What role do you aspire to take?

   I think map reader is an ideal role for me, but maybe in the coming weeks I’ll try being the leader as this could help with my goals of patience, conflict resolution, persistence and determination, But having said that in practice the map reader generally takes up the leader role as they hold arguably the most important role in the group.

Has your sense of Melbourne as a community shifted at all? Why / Why not?

   I don’t think my sense of Melbourne as a community has shifted much, however I think that’s because there was nothing much to shift. Coming into Galileo I didn’t have any pre-conceptions of Melbourne as a community.

Have you found yourself working towards your learning goals?

   In short yes, I have, but not all of them.

Which ones have you started making progress with?

   I have improved a lot on using and writing blogs because of all the homework I have had to do. I haven’t really been able to work on conflict resolution that much simply because the groups I’ve been in have had next to no conflicts and the conflicts that did happen were resolved before I got the chance to say anything. Outdoor skills I haven’t improved much, but I think that it will come with the skills workshops and the up-coming Galileo camp. I have improved immensely on my knowledge of Melbourne streets considering I didn’t know the lay-out of the city grid before Galileo. I think independence has been gradually improving throughout Galileo. Persistence and determination has been part of my life before Galileo and I have been keeping up with my commitments to not only to others but also myself. My patience hasn’t really been tested yet in Galileo so it’s hard to say if I have improved or not.


One thought on “Week 2 reflection

  1. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    I’m glad that you are noticing improvements in some of your learning goals.
    It’s really great to explore Melbourne streets and know where you are going, so is the skill of gaining more independence.
    I like your observations of the the roles in groups, the map reader does have a leadership component to it I agree.
    You will have a turn at being the leader and I hope you get to experience the job of being the scribe & photographer. We naturally gravitate to what we enjoy doing but sometimes its good to do the tasks that that are not as appealing. This opens the way to have new and different experiences.
    jane 🙂


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