What has been a standout moment for you?

A standout moment for me was the sense of accomplishment when I finished my first trail (city grid) with my group with more than an hour spare for lunch. Our group worked very efficiently for however long we did and reaped the reward of spare time.

Has anything taken you by surprise?

The only thing that has really taken me by surprise has been us having to go on two trails this week as I was under the impression that we only go on one trail per week, however I am not complaining, the trails are great and the more the better I say.

Has Galileo met your expectations thus far?                            

In short yes, Galileo has been pretty much part and parcel of what I expected it to be, work; but not as much as normal schooling, trust and responsibility; more so than normal classes and it has been nice getting to know some of the people who have come from mainstream up to the AP program.

Your first trail required you to work in a group and independently complete a task in and around Melbourne’s CBD. What was it like to receive so much trust from your teachers?

It was nice to know that the teachers trust us so much straight off the bat. In the beginning it was daunting, however our group got on well and we finished the tasks pretty quickly. I kept getting these thought like I could run away right now and there’d be nothing anyone could do to stop me hehehe of course I was seriously considering it, but it was an interesting feeling to get those thoughts in class hours.

How did you find working in a group?

The two trail groups I have worked with have been fantastic. I honestly expected at least one argument, even a minor one. The only teamwork I had trouble with was the team skills I went to this morning where the aim was to lift the hoop onto the chair with straight fingers keeping contact with it the whole time. I think our group just didn’t communicate enough which made the challenge a lot harder than it could have been.

What would you do differently next time?

I think next time I should take charge of the group to ensure enough communication is going on. As for the trails, I think I am doing them all to the best of my ability and I would be happy if things went on like this for the rest of the term.

What are some of your hopes for this term?

It would be awesome to be able to navigate the city by myself without a map by the end of Galileo.


4 thoughts on “

  1. harrygalileo

    “of course I was seriously considering it” Think this is a typo. I also agree completely about our fantastic teams 😀

  2. Jane

    Hi Lachy
    A thoughtful and honest reflection on the first week of Galileo. When you thought to run away you said ‘I was seriously considering it’. Were you really or did you mean to write I wasn’t seriously considering it???
    Your reflection on the hoop activity and the thought that you maybe should have taken the leadership is a really valid point. I wonder what stopped you? Maybe next time you will take the initiative.
    I am confident that by the end of this term you will be navigating your way around Melbourne without having to rely so heavily on a map.
    Good luck
    jane 🙂
    P.S Thanks for your involvement today while we were on the Brunswick Trail, you are a real asset to any team.


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