My learning goals.

Using and writing blogs:

Despite living in this modern day and age I am not particularly computer savvy, I know a few tricks here and there but it is still something I would like to improve on. Having my own blog for Galileo should improve this and I will be putting effort in to keeping my blog up to scratch.

Conflict resolution:

Most of the time in Galileo is group work, and with groups almost certainly comes conflict. If I am able to resolve these conflicts quickly and without much difficulty it will be very beneficial for me and my group, because we will be able to get the work done faster.

Outdoor skills:

I am already quite outdoorsy however I would like to become even more comfortable in my outdoor capabilities, I believe the Galileo camp to the Yarra ranges will help me improve this goal. Along with some skill workshops I think this goal can be achieved without much difficulty.

Melbourne streets:

My sense of direction is not exactly bad, but it would be fair to say it is below average. By making sure I know where I and my group are on trails and not always relying on them to know where we are I can improve my sense of direction and knowledge of city streets quite quickly.

Australian political system:

For some reason a lot of my friends talk about politics and often ask me what I think about it. I almost always feel underqualified to answer and so I end up giving an answer without adequate knowledge or logic behind it. I’d love to be able to answer confidently, with enough knowledge to back up my answer.

Philosophy & values:

Philosophy has always been something I like to think about, and discussing philosophical questions with a friend such
as. “Would you kill someone to save three others?” or “Do you think our universe is a simulation?” can be eye-opening to different points of view and opinions.


It is always chilling to think about how may years I have until I move out and live by myself making all of my own decisions. It is because of this I would like to build my independence and knowledge of things you need to know but mainstream schooling doesn’t teach you.

Persistence & determination:

I think of myself as a pretty persistent and determined person, if I want to do something I get it done, but I think persistence is something you can’t have enough of and there are different types of persistence, such as not taking no for an answer and being persistent with people who have a bad attitude. The group work in Galileo should help me with the latter.


I feel like tolerance would be a better word for this goal, I think I’m quite patient with myself, as that is just persistence in disguise. The type of patience I lack is patience with people when they can’t understand me or are confused about something I find simple.

Doing community service at a school with younger children will allow me to practice my patience teaching kids younger than myself. Talking to others about something I understand and trying to teach them will be another way I can practice my patience.

Success in this goal will be when I can teach or explain a concept to someone who takes a long time to understand it without showing any visible signs of frustration.


3 thoughts on “My learning goals.

  1. Jane

    Lachy you have chosen thoughtfully and many of your choices compliment each other, such as your outdoor skills and getting to know Melbourne Streets and your sense of direction. These will hopefully improve during this term.
    You were asked to breakdown one of your learning goals into sub goals and questions and mention how you may achieve these. Perhaps you can have a think in more detail about one of your goals and add this detail 🙂


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